Board of Directors

We’ve had many wonderful people sit on our board over the years, each shining their unique light in and around this Safe Harbour and in our community.

The Safe Harbour Board of Directors is currently and always has been made up by a determined group of volunteers who want to help make a difference in their community.


With the 7 Stars We Steer By guiding them, our board members provide governance and leadership to our organization and support and guidance to our Executive Director. They work collaboratively in the community and they are passionate advocates for people living outside social norms.

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Geraldine Katherine Schepp

Vice Chairperson
Jennifer Joanne Cross

Darolee Anne Bouteiller

Susan Jean Knopp

Jason Ross Snider
Valerie Anna Joa
John Raymond Bachusky
Dallas Williams
Bastiaan Albert Vander Vliet
Edith Vivienne Hiebert

Safe Harbour Org Chart

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