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Fed Up

Through everything I’m reading on the current state of homelessness, addiction, mental health, camps and safe consumption sites in our community, there is a common theme.  We are all fed up, really, really fed up. Each of us has our reasons for feeling that way but fed up we are. Mayor and Council are fed […]

What If?

I’ve tried over the years to make sense of the wacky world of addiction, mental illness and homelessness. I’ve asked questions at every opportunity, I’ve read the current research and I dove into the history. I’ve listened to the people who live with chronic addiction and to their families who desperately try to love and […]

Travis Moore Legacy Fund

Travis Moore Legacy Fund The Red Deer and District Community Foundation has announced the establishment of a legacy endowment fund aimed at helping those less fortunate in our community stay connected with their loved ones. Read full story here.

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