Medically Supported Detox

First steps to recovery.

Safe Harbour’s Medically Supported Detox program is ready to assist people in their first steps to recovery from addiction.

Medically Supported Detox

Hours of Operation: 24 hours – 7 days a week

In this program, we provide adults (18 years and older) with support and a safe environment as they withdraw from alcohol, drugs, or other substances. The program is voluntary, and free of charge. The stay is typically 5 – 7 days, and while people are with us, nursing staff, physicians, and case managers are sensitive to the needs of clients during this time and provide twenty-four hour support and encouragement. The Medically Supported Detox is located at 5246 53rd Ave.

How do I access the program?
Individuals requesting admission attend the centre at 8:30 am daily. Referrals from many sources are accepted: self-referral, referrals from family, friends, hospitals, physicians, and a wide range of community agencies. The program provides services primarily to residents of Central Alberta.

What can I expect?

  • Physicians provide assessment and guidance for managing withdrawal using medication assisted treatment which is tailored to clients’ specific needs.
  • Narcotics and benzodiazepines will not be prescribed.
  • Program staff provide knowledgeable assistance with choosing treatment programs and the process of application for treatment.
  • Addiction counselors from Alberta Health Services are available two times a week to provide assessments, referral, and guidance for treatment options.
  • Nutrition is an important aspect of the program and balanced, tasty meals are provided.
  • Clients have the opportunity to participate in groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Wellbriety, and Sharing Circles, and small group sessions related to knowledge and skills for healthy living.
  • We are a vape free site.

We are licensed by the Mental Health Services Protection Act


We have very limited parking spaces at Safe Harbour. We recommend that, if possible, have someone drive you here and pick you up when you leave our program. If this is not possible, please also know that you will park at your own risk; Safe Harbour does not take responsibility for damage to vehicles parked on or near our property.

What to Bring:

  • Alberta Health Care number if available
  • All prescription medications in the bottle provided by the pharmacy
  • Clothing for 3 days
    o Basic toiletries are available
    o Clients may bring enough undergarments for their entire stay
    o Clothing must not promote alcohol or drugs or have offensive slogans or images
  • One pair of shoes and one pair of sandals/slippers
  • A calling card is required to make long distance phone calls
  • Free local phone is available
  • Cell phones are not permitted and will be locked up until time of discharge – write down any phone numbers you will require from your phone
  • Cigarettes must be in a sealed package, and no cigarettes are provided

What NOT to Bring:

  • Weapons, tools, or sharp objects
  • Vaping products – we are a vape free program
  • Electronics (i.e. iPods, tablets, laptops)
  • Products containing alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbs, oils or other preparations
  • Perfume, cologne, body spray, hairspray, hair colour, mouthwash or heavily scented products
  • More than $200 cash or anything of value (i.e. jewellery, electronics)
  • Bedding, bath linens, pillows, stuffed toys
  • Food or drink

Referral Document

Download our Referral Form and fax it to us at 403 349 0020 or email it to

For information on the Medically Supported Detox Program please contact us or call us at 403.347.0181.