Safe Harbour Provides First Steps to Recovery

If you are concerned for the wellbeing of someone, call the Social Diversion team at 211 between 7am and 7pm, 7 days a week.

Who we are helping

We serve 6 types of people at Safe Harbour:
mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters

Mothers who ache for their children and grandchildren.

Fathers that live with the knowledge they aren’t supporting their families.

Brothers and sisters who have to stay away from each other, or watch helplessly as the spiral of addiction, homelessness and poverty tear them apart.

How do you turn your son or daughter away at a time when it looks like they need you so much? How do you love them when their behaviours are so unlovable? How do you help them when you don’t understand?

We can help. You’re not alone.

It’s not just the individual experiencing the addiction that we support. Safe Harbour stands beside these families and offers them resources and support as they keep that thread of connection to their loved ones however they can.

How we are helping

Our services

Safe Harbour’s Recovery Role in the Community

Safe Harbour helps to create Healthy and Safe Communities in Central Alberta by providing 1st Steps to Recovery! When it comes to people experiencing homelessness and are intoxicated or otherwise impaired, their needs needs are complex: On one hand we have intoxicated or otherwise impaired people and their worried families and friends, on the other hand we have frustrated citizens and concerned taxpayers. Safe Harbour is an important part of the solution. We work with AHS, RCMP, Treatment Centres, Hospital, and City Safety Team.

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety but human connection. At Safe Harbour we create a life line of support through relationship building.

Here is how:

Every time our outreach team or shelter staff is connecting with people, they form a bond. That is why our shelter program and outreach team is vital in the first steps of recovery. Connections form a natural bridge to broader addiction recovery resources, such as detox, wellbriety, mental health referrals.

Safe Harbour works with Key Stakeholders to create a safe and healthy community so our guests receive the support and treatment needed while we also help reducing tax cost.

Here is how:

  • RCMP | Easing the non crisis calls to RCMP and calls to the hospital
  • Treatment Centres | Ensure that we have enough detox spaces to meet the demand of the upcoming treatment centres
  • Hospital | Freeing up hospital beds with our ability to monitor patients in detox.
  • AHS | We operate a medically supported detox program funded by AHS, and a Wellbriety indigenous recovery program with Elder support, and a nurse in the shelter.
  • SLT Team | Connect with the City of Red Deer System Leadership Team and key stakeholders.

Accreditation Primer Award

By receiving the Accreditation Primer Seal, Safe Harbour demonstrates the commitment to providing quality care and service to the community.

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