Our Vision

About Safe Harbour Society

Poised for the Future

  • Safe Harbour recognizes our city has grown and the needs of our citizens and community have changed.
  • Safe Harbour is committed to charting our future course so that our services reflect the needs of our growing city, our residents, our community, and those in need.
  • Safe Harbour has begun a new voyage to adapt and change our service delivery to ensure people are safe and moved beyond homelessness into housing and from addiction and mental health issues into recovery.
  • With our on-site medically supported detox, emergency shelter, outreach teams, housing team, and Indigenous cultural supports, Safe Harbour is a critical entry point to help Central Albertans access a wide array of supports.

Our Vision

Building Blocks towards our Vision

  • Capital funding for a new integrated shelter building, which operates 24/7

  • More affordable housing in our community for individuals who have experienced homelessness

  • More treatment options for people with complex needs

  • Increased funding for a staffing model that supports individuals experiencing homelessness and addictions

Our Commitments


  • are a recovery-oriented and housing-focused organization
  • provide spaces of welcome and connection to our guests, our organization, and our community
  • ensure people experiencing addiction, mental health issues and homelessness can move into housing and onto the road to recovery
  • serve our clients with compassion, respect, and understanding to provide hope and a pathway to a better future
  • listen to and build relationships with our community and our leaders to collaboratively support the well-being of everyone
  • are dedicated to building safe and healthy communities through our services