Thank you for shining your light for Safe Harbour

You can help us by being an advocate, donating clothing and other items in need or supporting us financially.

Monthly and One Time Donations

You can help. Many people inquire about how they can assist, and they appreciate the opportunity to support our programs. You can help by donating funds, starting a fundraiser, or contributing In-Kind Gifts.

Your support will help to buy nutritious food, and hygiene articles or sponsor an overnight stay in the shelter, withdraw from substances in our detox program (7-10 day stay), or attend our Indigenous Support Program (Wellbriety Recover and Many Healing Blankets)!

If you would prefer to give via etransfer, they can be sent to:

For etransfer donations, please email us your mailing address in order for us to send a receipt, or include it in your etransfer message.

Your donation to Safe Harbour may be used to address our client’s most pressing needs in various ways and across multiple programs.

By offering regular monthly donations, you will provide vital funding to help our clients access food, hygiene supplies, winter clothing and laundry.

Shine your light. $20 a month will help support someone on their housing recovery journey.

Art Centre

Nutrition Centre

Hygiene Kits

Transition to Housing


There are many ways to support Safe Harbour.

Start your own fundraising campaign to honour someone you love, celebrate your birthday or wedding, or simply challenge yourself! It takes just a few minutes to set up on the Canada Helps platform.

Get Inspired

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future!

Listen to the inspiring story of three brothers, Daniel, Noah and Liam Moran who started their own cookie bakery to support Safe Harbours Matt Program. Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of those battling homelessness and addiction. It all began the day they were grocery shopping with their dad and met someone in need.

In Kind Gifts

The following is a list of our most critical needs at this time:

All Programs

  • Socks - Men & Women
  • Men’s underwear – medium & large
  • Women’s underwear – small & medium
  • All Toiletries

    shampoo, chapstick, razors, shaving cream, tampons, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, deodorant, nail clippers, shoelaces

  • Sweat Pants/Pajama Bottoms
  • Ladies leggings - small & medium
  • Jeans - Men (32-38)
  • Sweatshirts, Hoodies, T-shirts - Men & Women, all sizes
  • Warm Wear

    Coats, boots, gloves, mittens, toques, long underwear

  • Laundry Soap
  • Gift Cards

    McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Denny’s, Humpty’s, Grocery Stores

  • We willingly accept gently used or new clothing and linens, please ensure everything is clean.
  • If you purchase a shampoo that you don’t like instead of discarding it please send it to us.  Our guests use all kinds.
  • We use Gift Cards when a guest needs a warm place to go and we have no other option.  If they have a gift card for a restaurant they can legitimately be in the establishment for a coffee and a bite to eat.
  • We share a TON of socks!  There can never be enough socks!  Although we provide bins for our guests to throw their dirty socks (we wash them) it doesn’t always happen.
  • Our guests like to layer up as the weather turns colder.  Flannel pyjama bottoms are perfect for that.
  • 100% of anything donated is used directly for our guests.  If we receive items that we aren’t able to use we donate them to various thrift stores in our city who support Safe Harbour when we require specific items.

We serve all walks of life; your generosity is always appreciated!

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