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In the past couple weeks I have had the misfortune of running into grandmothers, two of them to be precise, one the first week and another last week. Anyone who knows me well is familiar with how badly I want to be a grandmother so you would think I would enjoy listening to them. On […]

What’s happening at Safe Harbour?

Lots of great things!   We held a scaled down version of our Annual General Meeting last week and although we missed being at Fort Normandeau, the snow convinced us we were right to stay indoors.   We knew many people in attendance had questions about the Temporary Overdose Prevention Site trailer that had just […]

Fed Up

Through everything I’m reading on the current state of homelessness, addiction, mental health, camps and safe consumption sites in our community, there is a common theme.  We are all fed up, really, really fed up. Each of us has our reasons for feeling that way but fed up we are. Mayor and Council are fed […]

What If?

I’ve tried over the years to make sense of the wacky world of addiction, mental illness and homelessness. I’ve asked questions at every opportunity, I’ve read the current research and I dove into the history. I’ve listened to the people who live with chronic addiction and to their families who desperately try to love and […]

Travis Moore Legacy Fund

Travis Moore Legacy Fund The Red Deer and District Community Foundation has announced the establishment of a legacy endowment fund aimed at helping those less fortunate in our community stay connected with their loved ones. Read full story here.


As always, my first duty as Captain is to welcome you to Safe Harbour, an organization made up of a group of people who are dedicated to shining their lights in their community. Shining our lights is a phrase we use often around the Harbour. For each of us it means something different. In every […]


Ten years in the making, this is the Boyhood of impact docs. Using the First Nations Medicine Wheel, a woman sets out to help four homeless people but they end up helping her.