Join us for our 16th Annual Spring feast at Fort Normandeau, where each day is dedicated to a different theme: Hope, Forgiveness, Unity, and Healing. From sweat ceremonies to pipe ceremonies and Wellbriety Circles, experience a journey of spiritual renewal and community connection from May 29th to June 1st. Please read the protocol before attending the Sweatlodge ceremony. 

Everyone is welcome!

Find the schedule of the event here: 

May 29- Wednesday (Hope)

7am Women’s Sweat 

Sacred Hoop will be set up in the 32ft tipi

6pm Wellbriety Circle 

Evening Pipe Ceremony- Women’s Pipe Ceremony

May 30- Thursday (Forgiveness)

7am Men’s Sweat

2pm Wellbriety Circle

7pm Forgiveness Ceremony

Evening Pipe Ceremony- Men’s Pipe Ceremony

Firekeepers- 6, 4hr shifts

May 31- Friday (Unity)

7am Co-ed Sweat


2pm Wellbriety Circle

7pm Unity Circle and Evening Pipe Ceremony

June 1- Saturday (Healing)

7am Pipe Ceremony with Sacred Hoop

Feast preparations

11am to 5pm- 16th Annual Feast- John Crier Feast Man, Corky will hold women’s pipe

5pm Co-Ed Closing Sweat for the keepers of the Sacred Hoop

Bus Schedule Fort Normandeau, Community Spring Feast 2024

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